Friday, May 13, 2011

Everyday Pictures That I Love

I love morning times with my little family. Especially because David is normally the breakfast chef. ;)
I am so blessed.

Count Down

Just a couple more months and we'll be a family of 5. Just writing that is freaking me out.

So to make room for this new little lady, Hazel and Hayden got new dressers and ......wait for it....... a BUNK BED. We went ahead and got the bunk bed, but haven't put it together yet. Hayden will stay in her crib until the fall when baby girl #3 gets kicked out of our bedroom. In the meantime David went to work on putting the dressers together, they came in 6 boxes and did NOT come with instructions. The first one took 6 hours to construct the second and a little over an hour. :)

Have you ever tried to put a large piece of furniture together with the help of a princess? This might have added to those six hours. :)

Hayden saw the situation was looking grim. :)

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Well, Good Point ;)

Me: "Hazel, remember to cough into your elbow."
Hazel: "But I don't want to get germs on me."