Sunday, May 27, 2012

Friday, May 25, 2012

Getting the Rhythm

Hazel is getting better and better at riding.  She is really getting the rhythm and trotting.

Landscaped Front Yard



I love our new landscaping!   We had a friend of a friend redesign our front flowerbeds, added a japanese maple tree, yews, hostas, wintergreen boxwood, money wart for ground cover and some begonias on the side.  It really looks wonderful!

SFA Video

We were totally honored that the Sugar Free All Stars wanted to shoot a music video at our house for their up newest single.  And we had a crowd show up!  Boom and Dr. Rock performed outside on our deck and the kids were jumping and screaming.  I haven't seen all the video yet but I bet its wonderful.  More to come.....

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

End of the School Year

 First day of school to last (August to May). They change so fast. :(

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Water Cannon Salute

Yesterday, David flew Frontier's inaugural flight into Great Falls, Montana.  It was a big celebration for the company and airport (They were giving away shirts and David even brought the girls back stuffed animals).  So to welcome Frontier they gave David's flight a water cannon salute over his plane as he taxied in.  This is an actual picture of his plane.  A water cannon salute is an old tradition normally only given when pilots retire.  Usually a pilot only experiences it once maybe even never so its kinda cool that David got to experience it now.  (He's not retiring :) )

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day! I thankful to my mom this Mother's Day because she helps me out so much with the girls or just a laugh during the day.  She's a great friend and I'm glad she's my mom. Love you mom.

Dirty 30

David and I signed up to run this "adventure" run together but then he had to work, so my dad stepped up and took his place in the run.  The dirty 30 is a 5K run with 15 obstacles which include mud pits, ice pits, climbing walls, climbing stacks of tires and lots of knee deep mud.  Oh and its a belly crawl to the finish (see below).  We had a great time and I was really impressed with my 50 something dad, I could barely keep up.
The ropes on this wall are about 6 feet off the ground.

MUDDY belly crawl to the finish.

I literally ran up these muddy hills a couple times and slid all the way back down.

I really enjoyed today and as I drove there with my dad it was a bit nostalgic reminding me of early morning races, soccer games or triathlons that my parents would take me to.  I hope that I can carry on and do the same with my girls. 

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Science Museum

 We have a season pass to the science museum and zoo.  They are both fairly close to our house so it is really nice to go for just a few hours.

Illusions Hall

Children's area with face paint

Talking on "antique" phones. :)

School Program and Carnival

Hazel's class sang cute little songs about sweets for the music program.  I'd been hearing her sing the songs for months now so they weren't much of a surprise. ;) but it was really cute.  

The girls wanted to do the fancy face paint at the carnival.  Hayden wanted to be a puppy and Hazel wanted to be an anaconda.  Their little friend Juniper wanted to be a flower.  The face paint artist was amazingly fast and did an amazing job.


This spring gymnastics has been so much fun for the girls. I have really seen improvement of their coordination and have seen them learn the first steps of many skills. They both received metals last week and are very proud of them. 

Monday, May 7, 2012