Saturday, March 5, 2011

Girls Galore

We found out this week that baby number 3 is a girl. During the ultrasound she was all curled up with her feet and hands in front of her face, but she is healthy and growing fast. (I can't believe she'll be here in 4 months!) We think we'll name her...Haven, Hayleigh or Hattie. ;) (just kidding).

I've heard everything from "You'll need more bathrooms" to "David better get another shotgun". While both may be true, I personally think we make beautiful, sweet spirited girls and am looking forward to being their mama.

Our life is full of joy.


  1. Girls, girls, girls!! So much for my boy guess... :) I am sure she will be a sweetheart, and Cora is excited that she'll be older than somebody.