Friday, October 7, 2011

Dealing Cards

Oh my goodness life with three children is busy. Not necessarily that we are doing a whole lot but just life as in getting everyone fed, clothed, cleaned and loved. It's like dealing cards. Everyone gets one and everyone has to learn that they have to be patient until its their turn again. Sometimes I can deal faster than others. ;) The girls are all growing fast. Ivy is now 2 months old. She is 12 pounds and 23 1/2 inches. She is obviously eating well and I can't really complain about her nights. Some are better than others, but most are good. She sleeps about 6 hours and then she has a 4 a.m. ish feeding and then another around 7. Hayden has become a kid in the past two months. She is 20 months which is still a baby to me. :) She is saying more and more words. Her latest are "elbow" and "love you". She got a little haircut which helped her toddler mullet but didn't help with the fact that she looks so much older now. Her favorite things are doing whatever Hazel is doing, putting dress up shoes on and reading animal books. Hazel will be 4 in about a month. She loves preschool. Her preschool teacher says she plays with everyone in her class and is very helpful and kind. At open house Hazel was asked to hold the flag and lead the pledge of allegiance. They make me a very proud mommy.

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