Friday, April 12, 2013

Our House

We live at a place called Leo Palace.  Leo palace is a resort that was built by and caters to the Japanese.  It is out of "town" and a family friendly area.  There is a two mile road from a main road to the entrance of the complex. Leo Palace has a golf course (designed by some famous golfers), a track and work out facility, 5 swimming pools, soccer and baseball fields, several restaurants, their own water and power source (nice since outages are common on Guam), security and garages.  When we tell people where we live they say, "oh, pilot-vil".  And it's kinda true, there are 5 pilots that I know of in our 40 duplex area.  There are also at least 10 girls under the age of 8.  Neighborhood friends, neighborhood pools and all the frogs you can catch.  It's a great place for us on Guam.
 The front of our house.
The back of our house.
The view across the street from our house looking over the golf course.

 Frog catching is a favorite nightly activity.
Inside looking out our backdoor.

This is our dishwasher. ;)

Living Room

There is a 5K loop around the Leo Palace complex

The track with the hotel and condos in the background

Leo Palace kids pool


  1. Too awesome:( i think if they stay longer than 18 months, PaPa, MeMoe and Uncle Andy might be moving....We will be taking the Wiser's with us.....SFA can tour the islands in the Pacific....Yeah, I got a great plan!