Tuesday, July 12, 2011

"Animal Doctor"

Today the four of us sat on the front porch swing and watched a much needed thunderstorm blow over. Once it started to pour we saw several frogs come out and enjoy the rain too. Hazel loves animals, especially ones that she can catch. So of course she wanted to catch a frog. I was surprised that she just ran out in the rain with no hesitation, but of course the rain wasn't on her mind. After her first attempt she came back on the porch and said, "I'm scared, they're fairly huge". On her second attempt she caught one of them, brought it back on the porch and yelled, "I think I'm almost an animal doctor!". Hayden took one look at it, poked it in the eye and said "eye". :)

Here are some pictures of our little "animal doctor"

This is Cluck Cluck, named by Hazel and held by Hazel since it was a baby chick. She loves catching and holding the chickens at my parents house. I am amazed every time she comes up to me after catching a huge chicken. She is very gentle and in my opinion brave (I'm not a fan of chickens, look at those nasty feet :/ ).

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