Sunday, July 17, 2011

J5 Wedding

Some of our dear friends got married this weekend in Kansas City. Although it was a hot weekend, we enjoyed seeing friends and being a part of their special day.

My handsome groom, I'm proud to be his wife. Weddings always make me reflect on my marriage and how thankful I am to have David in my life.

Veronica is such a sweet and beautiful bride.
The people in the wedding party were all troopers, the heat index was way above 100 degrees. And yes, all 5 of the bridesmaids were Veronica's sisters and it gets better, she has 6 brothers too. I was amazed by their family. They were so sweet, gracious hosts and you could tell they all really love one another.

And finally, a baby update......Yes, we drove to Kansas City and no, I didn't tell my midwife. :/ But David stopped several times on the long drive so I could walk and I drank lots of water. But thankfully baby girl #3 did not make her entrance into the world. 38+ weeks now and wedding behind us, we can have this baby now. ;)

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  1. Such a beautiful does seem like yesterday we were preparing for your wedding. Love you guys!