Saturday, January 19, 2013

Hayden's 3rd Birthday

Hayden will turn three on Monday.  She was soooo looking forward to her birthday party. She has been waking up for the past week and asking me "Is today my party day?".  She wanted a princess cake and everything to be pink.  And of course, Cinderella came to play games with Hayden and all of her friends.  

 Ivy wore her dress the entire party then felt like relaxing on the couch.

Hayden loves lipgloss, pink, dress up, wigs, tap shoes, pink, nail polish, and pink. She can melt my heart in an instant with her random, "I love you, Mama" and big hugs.  She is woking hard and can almost write her name.  She enjoys school and her favorite thing to do at school is paint and color.  She believes everything that her big sister says and she is always helping Ivy to climb onto things.  She's a joy to our days and the best snuggler in the family.

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