Sunday, January 13, 2013

Here We Go....

We put our house on the market Monday.  Wednesday we had an offer and had until 5 pm Thursday to counter which we were going to do but then at 4:30 we had another offer which was full price!  The movers will be here to pack and ship our things on February 13th and we close on our house February 15th.  So here we go..... We'll probably be headed to Guam the first full week of March.

I'm super sad to be leaving our house which has been so wonderful for 8 years.  But through my moments of sadness I return to a feeling of peace because I know that big plans await us greater than we can imagine for ourselves.  There have been such sweet memories here but we have so many more memories to create.

My dad reminded me the other day that thankfulness and joy are connected.  And it's so true, when I feel sad (more sentimental) about our move I just start saying all the things that I am so thankful for and joy quickly fills my heart.  You should try it, it works.  :)

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